Whether you have just bought a brand-new car, or an old used one, an unexpected breakdown is always a possibility. Following your manufacturer’s designated service times and required maintenance will help to reduce any potential breakdowns, but unexpected problems do happen.

Some common signs that your car needs mechanical repairs:
• Squeaky Brakes
• Squeaky brakes are usually due to worn brake pads
• Sometimes it can be due to a fault with the rotor or the drum surface
• Driving with faulty brakes can lead to further mechanical damage
• Driving with faulty brakes is illegal and can put other road users at risk.
• If you have faulty brakes, get your car towed to our workshop in Carrum Downs for an inspection.
• Smoky Exhaust
• Could be caused by faulty injectors in diesel cars
• In petrol cars it can be caused by a faulty electronic sensor, allowing too much fuel into the engine
• Worst case scenario, it can be due to worn engine components
• In this case, don’t be shy and get your car to our workshop for mechanical repairs! If it is left untreated, a small worn component could spiral into a total engine rebuild costing you thousands of dollars!
• Fuel or exhaust odours
• If you smell fuel or exhaust odours, it can be a serious matter
• Fuel vapours can be a fire hazard, and exhaust fumes contain lethal carbon monoxide
• Fuel odours can be related to a leak in the fuel system which can be a fire hazard
• For sudden fuel vapours, park your vehicle, turn off the ignition, and seek roadside assistance. Don’t hesitate to get your car inspected as these issues pose a serious health risk.
• Can’t start the car
• Generally, if the car is difficult to start, there is an obvious answer to it
• The battery should be the first suspect, especially if the dashboard fails to light up
• It is also possible that you have forgotten to fill up. You shouldn’t be embarrassed; everyone has done it once.
• A more serious cause could be a faulty fuel or ignition system, which would require mechanical repairs.
• If you are unable to start your car, first check your fuel, starter motor and the battery. If you are still unable to diagnose the problem yourself, call roadside assistance for a diagnostic test, or an on-the-spot fix. If it is because of a faulty fuel or ignition system, don’t hesitate to get your car towed to our workshop in Carrum Downs.
• Thumps, noises or vibrations
• These could be a result of many issues with the car including
i. Loose Bearings
ii. Loosely secured exhaust lines
iii. Worn suspension
iv. Damaged tyre rims
v. Loose tyre nuts
vi. Poor wheel alignment
vii. And many more causes
Our recommendation would be to take your car to our workshop in Carrum Downs for a diagnostic test. If necessary, mechanical repairs will be conducted to solve the issue and improve your driving experience

A lot of the time, you will not know the cause of the breakdown or issue with your vehicle. Saving money on maintenance is always about prevention. By the time your car does breakdown, it is possible that a serious issue or a component failure has already occurred. By this time, it is already too late, and you could be sinking thousands of dollars into mechanical repairs which would have been unnecessary if the car was regularly maintained.

If any of the above symptoms arise in your car, make sure you follow our recommendations to minimise any damage to your car. If something unusual happens with your car, make sure to call us on (03) 9775 1331 and book a time at our workshop at Factory 12/27-29 Aster Avenue, Carrum Downs, for a diagnostic test and mechanical repairs. It can increase the lifespan on your car and reduce the possibility that a small problem spiral into a big one!